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What do I need to bring?

All you need are flip-flops with clean soles, appropriate swimwear, a towel and shower accessories. You may bring these with you or buy them in the park’s own shop. Nappies and protective swim-wear for children aged 3 and under also on sale in the shop.

Must i wear a swim-cap?

No. Thanks to the advanced technologies and replacement water filtration system in Acquaworld swim-caps are not necessary for any pools, slides or tubs

Does the park have a dining area?

There is a bar/restaurant in Acquaworld offering hot and cold dishes for all tastes. Any food brought in must be eaten at the tables in Terrazza Fun. For the safety of all visitors it is forbidden to bring in glass containers or glass bottles

What is the temperature of the environment?

Inside Acquaworld it is summer all year round, the temperature is a constant 31°

What is the temperature of the water?

The water temperature in all Acquaworld pools and tubs is between 30° to 34°, except in the Plunge Pool which is 24°. Water used on the slides is also heated for visitors’ comfort.

From what age are children allowed in?

There is no age limit in Acquaworld, even for babies! Younger guests have the whole Miniworld area to play in! Children from 0 to 3 years must wear the correct swimsuit with a built-in nappy, also on sale at the shop. Locker rooms have baby changing facilities. Children under 1 meter tall are free.


Is advance booking necessary?

Booking is not necessary as the park can accommodate up to 1.500 people simultaneously. In the event of over-long queues the management reserve the right to sell 4 hour tickets instead of full day tickets. When maximum capacity has been reached the issuing of tickets will be temporarily stopped until enough visitors have left the park.

What type of tickets you can buy?

Tickets vary, according to the day of the week you choose. From Monday to Friday, full day tickets allow you access to all areas and activities; 4-hour duration tickets for weekends and public holidays are also available. For children and under-15’s, reduced-price tickets are available with access to all areas except SPA. Children of less than 1 meter tall are always free.

Does purchasing a 4 hours ticket specify a time for entry?

No. People can enter at any time during the course of the day. The 4 hours start when visitors receive the electronic tag, and include changing time after use of the facilities. It is possible to extend the 4 hours, by paying an additional €2 for each 30 minutes as you leave.

Is the SPA area included in the ticket?

Yes. All visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the wellness experience! However, children under 15 are not permitted to use the SPA. Free crèche is available to parents during week-ends.

Do children under 1 meter have free entry?

No, Acquaworld is free for all children under 100 cm tall.


Do you need a lock for the lockers?

No. Thanks to Acquaworld’s advanced technology equipment, all lockers are electronically controlled to open by a tag which all visitors are given upon entrance. This tag also allows the purchase of food, drinks and any other additional service. Therefore cash is not needed inside the park.

Is there a specific changing room for children?

Young children can be brought to the ladies or gentlemen changing rooms, all changing rooms have a nappy-changing facility, hair dryers and curtained cubicles. For older children it is advisable to use appropriate gender changing room. To avoid embarrassing children, visitors are asked to shower in their swim wear.

From what age can you use the slides?

Access to water slides is not restricted by age but by height. Some are restricted to children taller than 130 cm., others are for children above 140 cm. These details are shown beside the relevant water-slide page on our website. Baby Slide and the Miniworld area are available for children less than 120 cm. tall.

Are sun-beds and deck chairs available?

The covered area and the garden are equipped to allow visitors relax and sun bathe. Depending on availability, sun-beds and deck chairs are available for free. Visitors may also lie on the grass but must use their own beach towels.

Can people with disabilities have access to the park?

Acquaworld is equipped with ramps, lifts and changing rooms for disabled people. Special discounts are available for the disabled and their carer.

May unaccompanied children enter the park?

Under 14’s may enter only when accompanied by a responsible adult.

My kids are lively and very active, is Acquaworld suitable for them?

Most certainly! Enjoyment is a must in the FUN area, allowing for normal safety issues, but we do ask that silence and relaxation be respected in the SPA area.

If my child gets hurt playing, what help is available?

All our staff are fully trained in water safety and first aid.

Can you bring prams and buggies into the park?

Yes, but they must be wheeled in through a special wet area where the wheels will be disinfected.